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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dan Bilzerian reveals how he is making money when not playing poker!!

Ever wondered how internet celebrity Dan Bilzerian supports his lifestyle? He is an Instagram guru with over 20 million fans, showing off all the time piles of money, supercars, different supermodels every day and private jet trips to fancy destinations. Sounds like a dream for most us, right?

Dan claims he is making his living from playing poker and that is enough to maintain his high profile lifestyle. He mentioned in several interviews how he made $50 million during one poker session and there are plenty of online sources writing about his claims. Wikipedia estimates his net worth at $100 million and seems reasonable given the riches he’s been exposing on social media. It’s exactly his Instagram photos that sometimes made people wonder if he is really making so much money only from poker. After all he is posting daily photos in expensive cars with girls or at parties, not at poker tournaments. So, it makes sense for the public to be suspicious of his riches.

In an interview Anthony Zinno – currently ranking as 4th best poker player in the world said about Bilzerian - ” I’ve been involved in both offline and online poker for 12 years and know of all the biggest names in the game. From what I’ve read, I’m not the only one who never heard of Dan Bilzerian. All serious players know that besides a handful of outliers, all of the biggest winners in poker play cash games, not tournaments. Online players also know basically every single player who plays in the biggest stakes in the world, which one would have to play in order to make anywhere near $10 million, let alone $100 million.” So Dan’s claim of $50 million during one poker game does not really hold. Even the best poker players make only a fraction of what Bilzerian said he made. So, how did he make that fortune if the poker is not his main money source?

Dan’s been hinting on social media few times, but after the iCloud leak, some personal photos were released and in one he is using a trading software on his laptop. We know he also has other sources of income since he did not post such photos for public and kept this secret from his fans.

Often brokers in this industry are scams, but the trading company he’s been using is a reliable one after reading reviews and also if he trusts his money with this broker it must be a good one. Funny thing is such brokers are available to everyone, not just rich people. So, you have the stock exchange at your fingertips only one click away.

We also tried it to see if Dan is after something real good. We deposited $10 in order to test it out. We couldn’t believe the results – it really works! After 1 day of using it, we can say with certainty that it gives a return on trades of 90% or more. What does it mean? It means that 90% of the sum you invest is credited to your balance. Let’s say you trade 100$ and then you make 90$ on top of your investment. And these results are achieved by trading safely and not increasing your bid! Can you imagine doing the same trades with $1,000 not $100?

We have analyzed the strategy he seems to be using in the photo and it looks like he trades twice in a session. He is blocking the price of asset between the lowest and highest value based on market movement in the past 30 minutes. So, for example, you trade $100 on Call and $100 on Put, and your Call trade doesn’t go as expected, but you are still getting your 90% or more return on the Put trade. You get $90 from the successful trade, so you only lost $10. However, odds are you will win both if you really follow market movement and place your trades at the right moment. It’s a matter of following the chart and analyze when it’s high and low enough to start your 2 trades. When market price closes in between the lowest and highest value you have traded it will give you a return on both trades, so 180% or more, that is $180 on top of your $200 investment. So, in an hour you can have make almost $500 with few trades only. Imagine trading with $500 and the return on that! It’s insane to think you can make in maybe few hours a month’s paycheck!

This seems to be a very good strategy to win double from one training session. And he seems to be making a lot of money. Dan Bilzerian’s fortune makes complete sense. This is how he can afford such a luxurious lifestyle and spend so much money. This trading platform is making more for him as he is also most likely trading thousands at a time or more.

His riches have been exposed and it’s certainly not from poker only. How much he is actually making from trading only is unknown, however it is definitely a possibility he is making a lot since he never mentioned it. It is hard to believe he made all that fortune from playing poker only when we actually don’t see him at tournaments. We tried it and guarantee is legit and good method to make more money. Good thing about the provider is that they offer a training account, so you can test it before you put your money in it. But you will like it and if Dan Bilzerian trusts it to put his money in then it must be a good service.

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